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  • 欢迎您访问佛山市金丰创电脑有限公司网站,公司主营电池柜、网络机柜、服务器机柜、挂墙机柜、单/双联操作台、控制台、电脑工控台、通信柜、电视墙、综合布线箱、光纤配线箱、电脑工控机箱、开放式机架、地埋箱等产品!




    Foshan Jinfeng Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. Is a professional production of UPS special battery cabinet (battery cabinet has been successfully applied for the appearance of the 4 and 1 utility model patents, has applied for 1 national invention patents and utility model 2) professional manufacturer 19 inch cabinet cabinet and the surrounding network special equipment, is a collection research and development, production, installation, sales and service as one of the enterprises, is a professional manufacturer with a certain scale in the industry. ForStrong products: battery cabinets, network cabinets, server cabinet, wall cabinet, single / double console, console, computer control cabinet, communication station, TV wall, integrated wiring box, optical fiber distribution box, computer control case, open frame, buried box etc.. Widely used in uninterruptible power supply, bank card, railway, marine, medical, solar energy, telecommunications networks, telecommunications, radio and television, the intelligent community management and security monitoring, computer network engineering for multiple systems. ForStrong battery cabinet, the cabinet adopts forStrong metal components, good mechanical properties, bearing capacity, compact and reasonable structure, interchangeability, the entire cabinet electrostatic spray, soft, wear-resisting, anti corrosion, good fireproof performance, durable. Feng Chong network special cabinet: the internal structure of the metal component interchangeability, the opportunities of the future cabinet office integration concept, in the cabinet design and research summary and strive to achieve three-dimensional, safety, reliability, compatibility and performance of a better environment and users with data for the future needs and focus on the use of office design of universal cabinet.
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